We are now closed

Operation Sunshine South West is now closed and no further goods for OSSW can be accepted at Hurdwick Farm.

Some months ago, the Committee and Trustees of Operation Sunshine came to the reluctant decision that the Tavistock branch could not continue..

It was a very difficult decision, driven by the rise in costs of sending containers to Africa to the point where it became unviable.  For the last four years OSSW has sent six 40ft.shipping containers a year, which meant that upwards of £50,000 has had to be raised. By  the autumn of 2013, it was clear that this sum would be even greater.

Among other factors which contributed to the decision was the fact that the Organiser was retiring in February 2014,  the principal fund raisers wished to retire at the same time and there were no new or younger volunteers able or willing to step into their positions.  In addition,  African governments are becoming increasingly reluctant to accept the import of second hand goods, even those donated for charity because of their wish to encourage local industry.

“To everything there is a season” says Ecclesiastes.   Thank you to you all for whatever support you have given over the past 33 years which have made that season so good for so many. .

Operation Sunshine in Folkestone will continue beyond February and all enquiries after that date should be sent to them:-